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The Dental Workshop


At The Dental Workshop, we work to bring our passion for craftsmanship, artistry, out of the box thinking and knowledge into every case we create.

We are dedicated to comprehensive communication, close working relationships, and the consistency it takes to create chair-side confidence in high expectation dentistry.

 Our laboratory offers a complete range of digital and handcrafted dental solutions from a single crown to that Implant not placed so ideally.

Our services include:  E-max, LiSi Press, Zirconia, PFM's, Gold, Implants (Screw-Retained and Custom Abutments) and Milled Provisional’s.


Our Mission


Our mission is to give exceptional laboratory support, and offer a technical  rapport with the dentists that share our passion. We treat each case as if the patient were a member of our own family and dedicate ourselves to producing outstanding natural function and esthetics to all restorations we build. We always combine craftsmanship, art, science and service to create a positive experience for the clinician and their patient. We have a passion to help create Smiles that change the lives of patients.

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