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By pre-scheduling cases, we control the workflow in our lab and ensure your restorations receive the time and dedication they deserve. Craftsmanship, art, science and service is our passion and pre-scheduling cases is one of the keys to our progressive work-flow and organization.


Having an idea of which restorative materials you want to use and which teeth are being treated when scheduling cases helps. We usually schedule a diagnostic wax-up before preparation on more complex cases. Using the silicone matrix of the wax-up to fabricate the provisional restorations saves clinical time and serves as a template for the final case.


When we receive all the information, we will assign a completion date and send you a confirmation. Please remember that we operate on a first come first serve basis and the earlier a case is pre-scheduled, the less time it will require for case completion.


Once we schedule preparation and delivery dates for your patient, it is important to notify us of any changes in scheduling; we can only honor the return dates if all of the needed components of the case arrive at our dental lab promptly. We will take the same care to ensure your patient’s case arrives back in your office when expected. 


We invite new clients to call us before scheduling cases to give us the opportunity to discuss how we can be of service.  We want to make certain that our service and fee structure is aligned with your needs and that we answer any questions you may have.

Phone: 406-261-4101

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