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Zirconia is a great choice for beautiful esthetic and maximum strength. It is not fracture proof, but has strength comparable to metal ceramics. Zirconia has a flexural strength around 1200 to 1300 MPA compared to metal ceramic that is around 1400 MPA. On zirconia crowns or bridges it is critical to take caution when adjusting the material in the laboratory or the operatory. Always use recommended zirconia adjusting kits and the kit that we like best is the Dialite ZR from Brassler. From gross reduction to final polish, this diamond impregnated two-step system will maximize the look and longevity of your zirconia restoration and remove the worry over future fractures. If seating a crown is a problem, never adjust the inside of the crown and always adjust the preparation instead. Remember that the small fractures that occur during adjusting are healed by the polishing. It is not reasonable to polish the inside of a crown and it is necessary to polish all adjusted areas to prevent fractures. In the last two years (2014-2015) Zirconia product innovations have been improving greatly, to the point where Monolithic Zirconia can be Similar in esthetics as Monolithic E-max. There are more esthethic options with these new materials while still maintaining the strength characteristics of the Zirconia. 

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