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                   TDW Implant Solutions

The Dental Workshop offers a wide array of custom-abutment solutions for all major implant platforms. Custom abutments offer more stability for restorative solutions, providing a natural tooth-like prep, avoiding black holes, through the use of computer-aided design.


In Zirconia, layered or monolithic, the final restoration is a hybrid of metal and zirconia. In the laboratory the metal insert is cemented into the zirconia for a complete metal connection of screw and abutment to the implant interface. This provides a great, cost effective, retrievable option when implant placement allows for both single and multi-unit bridge restorations. Directly screwing the final restoration to the Implant eliminates the possibility of cement being left behind upon insert, which can cause cement peri- implantitis. Retrievability since the crown is not permanently cemented, the restoration can be removed yearly, cleaned, and the tissue can be evaluated.

Titanium Abutment

TDW-IS Titanium Custom Abutments are milled with a 5-Axis Precision mill for the highest quality abutment.

TDW-IS Titanium Custom Abutments are compatible with the leading implant systems. Available in Standard, with Retention Grooves or Gold Shaded.

  • Milled on a 5-Axis Precision mill

  • Available in Standard, with Retention Grooves or Gold Shaded

ATLANTIS™ abutments are individually designed abutments to support cement and screw attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems.

ATLANTIS abutments provides an excellent foundation for best possible function and esthetics. Atlantis abutments are a premium product, designed with the proprietary VAD software and a lifetime warranty for abutment and implant on titanium abutments and a five-year warranty on zirconia abutments. 

TDW-IS Custom Abutments

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