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Lithium Disilicate


Lithium Disilicate and The All Ceramic Revolution: from the desire for beautiful natural teeth to the feeling that one's smile is the most priceless jewelry they will ever own, Lithium Disilicate all-ceramic restorations are the crown jewel in dental aesthetics. LiSi Press and e-max  (lithium disilicate) offers the laboratory, dentist and patient unmatched esthetic certainty.  Additionally, Lithium Disilicate lends itself to a wide variety of restorations options from the unprepared tooth addition to a full crown or veneer making the Lithium Disilicate restoration a irresistible choice.  Using the pressed e.max technique, The Dental Workshop  can offer the dental clinician the margins, fit and esthetics unmatched by a conventional crown or bridge. When an experienced clinician and laboratory work together with lithium disilicate, the only limit is their esthetic imagination! 

Available Lithium Disilicate services:
  • Processing techniques  (stain & glaze, insial cut-back or layering technique) 

  • Full Contour

  • 3 unit bridges for the anterior and premolar region 

  • Veeners

  • No Prep Veenres

  • Inlay and Onlays

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