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Packaging Cases for the Lab

Step One

Ensure you have all items together and sanitized that will be needed for the lab to complete your case.  Depending on the type and size of the restoration the following items are needed:

  • Impression

  • Opposing model

  • Bite registration

  • Go-By or Study models

  • Pre-op models

  • Impression Coping(s) – for implant cases

  • Analogs – for implant cases

Step Two

Securely wrap any models with foam sheets or bubble wrap to protect them during shipping. Bag all case items, preferably with specimen bags, including the prescription separately from the disinfected items to avoid any potential cross contamination. 

Step Three

Place all cases to be sent into a box with foam to protect items while the case(s) are in transit


  • Packaging one case per bag ensures there is no confusion between cases when they arrive at the lab.

  • If a case isn’t packaged properly it can result in broken models, prescription and or case mix-ups and can potentially delay the case.

  • TDW boxes are designed to be reused for your convenience! 

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